Pays Miao

...une culture, un peuple à découvrir

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During your stay

Accommodations in Danian

Pays Miao will welcome you in "Danian downtown" in an apartment with five bedrooms and two shared bathrooms.

Pays Miao’s team

Pays Miao’s staff counts five persons: Mignon, logistic manager ; Liang Siji, experienced driver; Julie, guide-interpreter (English) ; and, last but not least, the two “ayis”, Neilian and Neiyong who look after the house, wash clothes and cook continental breakfast (tea, coffee and pancakes) and delicious Chinese food for the other meals.

A convivial atmosphere: Visitors come to the local populations with a spirit of solidarity and respect for their customs. Danian’s township is remote from the large cities and though we can lack some ingredients of modern comfort,  the stay remains very pleasant.